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Your success is closer than you think

We help entrepreneurs, women leaders/emerging leaders, leaders in transition develop the expertise essential to personal and professional success.
your success is our passion
All about you.

What would it be like to have the ultimate career that you really want, to start that business you've been dreaming about, to earn the income level that you desire, and to know and execute the steps to make it happen? Our professional workshops, leadership coaching and MasterMind Groups for entrepreneurs, women leaders/emerging leaders are designed to make that a reality.

Our passion is helping entrepreneurs and women leaders/emerging leaders realize their professional dreams, whether that’s starting/re-starting a new business venture, transitioning to a new career/job or claiming your seat in boardrooms and senior leadership positions.

The DG Story
Welcome to DG

I’m Dr. Darlene M. Urquhart, the President of The Darielle Group (DG), LLC.

To achieve your goals and create the life you desire as a business owner, woman leader/emerging leader, one of the most important decisions you will make is who should accompany you on the journey.

We hope you will see DG as a trusted partner on your path to success. We invite you to connect:

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  • DG is dedicated to helping buiness owners, women leaders/emerging leaders create the life they desire in a way that is authentic and congruent using tools and techniques based on science, deep experience, and other proven practices.
  • We don’t promise “pie in the sky.” The techniques to success are simple; however, simple does not mean easy. Success takes work, and success is a team sport.
  • As a leader and executive coach, I’ve “walked the talk.” I’ve experienced success and held leadership positions in high stress, high visibility environments for almost 37 years: 20 years in the US Army and another 17 years as a DoD Department of Defense civilian.
  • I’m committed to your success!

Tell us your dreams
We'll help you define your professional goals and develop a strategy to get there